Supporting Switzerland's Emergency Services

Switzerland’s Emergency Services

Where would we be without the dedicated efforts of Switzerland’s emergency services? Be it a major fire or a terrorism incident, they are always there to serve.

The Rapid Relief Team offers a unique catering support service to Switzerland’s emergency services. Over time, we have mobilised and streamlined our operations to respond with immediacy and efficiency to major incidents across the United Kingdom.

Our volunteers are trained and accredited to set up catering tents at incident command centers – designated as safe zones by emergency services crews. Our catering services also offer support at training events for fire brigades across the country.

Grenfell Tower Disaster June 2017

On the 14th June 2017, the Rapid Relief Team were onsite at the Grenfell Tower Disaster by 9:00am following the awful, traumatic blaze which hit global news headlines. The Emergency Services were served tirelessly (as they deserve to be) by the team during the day providing over 1500 meals and endless hot and cold drinks.

London Bridge Major Incident June 2017

Following a major terrorist attack on humanity on London Bridge and Borough Market on 3rd June 2017, RRT volunteer were mobilised to provide refreshments and hope to the emergency services on scene.

How can you help?

Make RRT Premium Spring Water your liquid refreshment of choice.

All profits from the sale of RRT water will be donated to our future endeavours with emergency services crews across the United Kingdom.